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About Us

Our Founder

Dosenyo’s founder, Donita Salazar, is a multi-awarded industrial designer. Yanko Design, one of the most prestigious design platforms, featured one of her concepts (what is this concept? insert what is this concept and what does it do). She was also part of the faculty of the Philippines’ finest school for industrial design, College of Saint Benilde, Manila.

Our Mission

To design with purpose, to design for the people, and to see through and research beyond the three dimensions of a product.

Design Advocacy

We advocate that there will always be better ways to design. Greatness can be achieved by any product when a systematic design process is applied – we stand and believe by that. We are here to do away with the complexities of industrial design, a subject that is often misunderstood.


Dosenyo’s core values in designing are: Mindful, Specific, Achievable, Minimalist, Imaginative, Inventive, Purposeful, and Systemic.


    Our team of creatives

    Dosenyo is made up of brilliant minds and industry an design innovators