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Air Speaker

What other struggle can a music lover have other than not having a portable speaker? Forgetting to have it fully charged. It can get old and annoying really fast.
Jumping in to solve these problems, The Nest will make sure to fit your lifestyle – always charged and on the go.
The Nest is a home speaker that doubles as a charging port (hence, the name) for its portable speaker. Popping the portable speaker onto The Nest is the only thing you have to do. Aside from building the routine of having your portable speaker in the same place every time, you also get to practice the habit of making sure it’s constantly charging while you’re at home.

If you’re thinking of starting to apply the KonMari method in your lifestyle, The Nest is a great gadget to start with. The Nest was awarded silver by the A’design Award & Competition in 2017 and was also featured in Yanko Design. The innovation it can provide is exactly what people have been waiting for and we know for a fact that this design wouldn’t go unnoticed.