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Everybody loves a home-cooked meal.

Being welcomed home after a long and tiring day by a relaxing aroma from a home-cooked meal is one of the best feelings in the world. The flavor in the air is so reminiscent of a mother’s touch that it makes you giddy – something a lot of us long for. Now, who doesn’t want to experience such a thing?

We understand how cooking and sharing meals help create a bond between you and your loved ones. But it isn’t exactly a breeze to whip up something from the kitchen. That’s why we’ve come up with a kitchen cookware solution that will let you create your favorite meals without some of the trouble that goes with it.

Welcome your newest kitchen cooking solution: The Alder.

This innovative pot will let you cook and strain out water without the fear of dropping your food in the sink. Aside from that, it will remove the hassle of pouring and lifting a pot full of hot water over a strainer, protecting you from the steam.
A clockwise slide of the triangular silicone located at the lower left part of the pot will help get this done. Doing so will help release any liquid present inside, and tilting the pot for a bit will ensure everything is drained. Slide the triangular silicone back to its original position after draining, and you can continue cooking again.

This 3-piece kitchen set is oven-safe and comes with hi-temp glass covers. Not to mention, The Alder comes with ergonomic heatproof handles that will not absorb any heat. So forget about using pot-holders or oven mitts since The Alder already has that covered