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Some things are innovating because of design, and a proof of that is this futuristic scooter. Having a ride that will simply get you from point A to point B is one thing, but having a ride that will take you a few years forward? That’s a whole new story. 

Integrated with your favorite functions while paying attention to style and ease, this scooter comes with a built-in screen that can be used to display your GPS. You can also stop worrying about dropping your phone while riding – this bad boy also comes with a phone compartment, ready to secure your valuables while you breeze through traffic.

Your safety? Is also a priority. This scooter is meant to bring you to your destination in one piece. Its turn signals can easily be accessed on its handles and brake lights are also included. You’ve read the right. Brake lights. On top of all that, what makes this scooter efficient is because of its centerless wheels. More traction means a smoother ride. Anytime, anywhere. 

Is it a bike? Is it a motorcycle? Is it a scooter? No, it’s the future. (might be fun to include lol)